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Smart speakers set off another
Date:2017-09-12 Num:1575

After trying the mobile phone, APP, robots and smart TV are ineffective, smart speakers become the next smart home control center being stared at. September 6th, millet introduced the millet AI smart speakers in the product and layout plan. Not long after, Tmall smart, go out and ask a number of brands of smart speakers have also been introduced.
Smart speakers as intelligent home entrance and home artificial intelligence interaction point of entry, since the beginning of the year, the market has been heating up, attracting all manufacturers competing to enter, this year become a hot spot in the smart hardware market. But because each product differentiation is not big, the use scene is single and so on the question, lets the intelligent sound box once be called "the life" the big toy". Is it a "toy" or an "entrance"? Millet intelligent product vice president Tang mu in the "daily economic news" reporter said, all the problems are from demand, as long as there is demand, all problems will be solved.
Players enter the game one after another
Imagine a day when you enter the house, just say "I am back", home air-conditioning, humidifier and other electrical appliances can be automatically opened; when you are cooking in the kitchen does not know what to put the hand when busy feet off the next step, just ask a sentence, all the steps automatically when you send the sowing; leisure time to listen to music, without trying to find a mobile phone, only need to move the mouth, you usually love to listen to music will be played automatically...... The intelligent life scene is gradually becoming a reality, and these daily scenes of life, perhaps just a smart speaker.
November 6, 2014, Amazon in the official website low-key on-line with an intelligent assistant Alexa smart speakers - Amazon Echo. Subsequently, this intelligent speakers to set off a wave of trends, quickly sought after by many consumer families. Today, in the Pacific (601099, Guba) east, Amazon smart speaker Echo shipments have exceeded 10 million units, accounting for 70% of the U.S. market. It also means that every 8 American families own a Echo. Analysts at investment firm Morgan Stanley even called him "the most successful consumer electronics product after iPad."". Subsequently, Google, apple, Facebook and other well-known enterprises smart speaker products have unveiled, and some institutions even predicted that smart speakers in 2020 will cover 75% of the U.S. family, reaching 94 million 200 thousand units.
Apparently, the trend of smart speakers coming from Amazon is pouring rapidly to the other side of the Pacific Ocean, and Chinese enterprises are beginning to make active arrangements in the field of intelligent speakers. In early 2015, the Jingdong had to iFLYTEK (002230, shares) jointly launched the buzz of intelligent speaker. And by 2017, China's smart speaker market completely entered the "hundred boxes war" stage. Alibaba, Baidu, Lenovo, millet, go out to ask, and Himalaya and other companies have released intelligent speakers. Previously, Tencent also publicly disclosed that the company is developing intelligent speakers.
So far, the smart speakers on the track contestants covered the Internet giants, well-known hardware companies, electronic business platform, traditional home appliance manufacturers and a large number of springing up artificial intelligence start-ups. And like iFLYTEK, will think Chi, such as cloud known sound of the artificial intelligence technology enterprise, also to provide voice assistant technology etc., to participate in this upsurge in surging. For example, Tmall's voice technology from the wizard will be chi.
Appliance industry observers Liang Zhenpeng in the "daily economic news" reporter said that the emergence of intelligent speakers is in line with a certain market demand, a variety of enterprises into the bureau is reasonable. With the increase in the number of young consumers, there are likely to be more companies coming into the field of smart speakers in the future.
The reporter learned that, at present Chinese in intelligent speaker market layout of the enterprises are mainly three categories: one is based on "Himalaya Xiaoya" as the representative of the company, the enterprise layout is more hope through intelligent content play interactive listening to the scene to enhance the user experience; the two is Rokid, go ask, Broadlink etc. "Intelligent Company" in their products, music content is just one of many features, more highlights in speech interaction, intelligent connection Home Furnishing; the third is millet, Ali, Jingdong and Lenovo "giant company, they are behind the huge business ecosystem.
"Internet Co impulse to do hardware is always there, and it is difficult to contain, but from now on, I have not seen any Internet Co will be determined to this hardware." Tang Mu said that if the smart speakers have been proved to be tuyere, BAT, these giants will certainly put more than now.
Research institutions Strategy Analytics predicted that in 2017 the global smart speaker sales can exceed 10 million Taiwan level, the next 5 years, its output value can reach nearly 10 billion U. s.dollars in size. According to the Ministry of industry forecast, in 2017 the global smart voice industry scale of up to 11 billion 240 million U. s.dollars, the next 5 years compound annual growth rate of over 30%.
Fight for things smart home outlet
Ulterior motives, on the surface, this is a box around the smart hardware market "battle", but from a deeper perspective, although intelligent speaker can achieve rich functionality and a popular prospect, but this one is not very just need products, in a short time to attract the number of giant collective into the Bureau, the logic behind is clearly not so simple. Insiders said that the Internet or voice technology companies get together into the smart sound

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